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Sports jobs are available in a vast amount of different types of roles, creating an excellent opportunity for job seekers. These jobs offer competitive salaries, unique benefits and have similar job requirements.

Sports Jobs by Type

Many think the only type of sports jobs is that of an athlete, but there are many other options. An athlete has a median salary of over $51,000 per year, and there is generally no education requirement. Success in this field is based mainly on athletic ability and natural skill. There are also jobs in sports management, which gets an average salary of just under $95,000 per year and are most prominent in California, New York, and Florida.

A sports statistician is another sports job with an average salary of almost $80,000 per year and an expected growth rate of 27 percent through 2012. If that doesnt interest a job seeker, there is the position of sports marketing manager to consider, also. Sports marketing managers earn approximately $116,000 per year. Lastly, there are careers in sports media. These careers include media relations representatives, writers, and editors. Many of these positions are in offices, but also require travel to game sites to meet with athletes. This requirement may also be a perk of sports jobs.

Sports Jobs Requirements

Sports jobs do not fall within specific requirements, but there are some commonalities. With the exception of the athletes, which do not generally have education requirements, most types of jobs in sports do require a four-year degree, with sports management and sports marketing being the two most common majors for sports jobs. However, many of these jobs will accept majors that are not specific to sports, such as a marketing degree.

Sports jobs are in high demand and have a lot to offer job seekers. They are not only exciting and fast-paced but can grow into long-term, profitable careers. There are entry-level roles up through to management level, and a bachelors degree gets a foot in the door for a prospective employee.

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